Welcome to the Downing Company!

The primary mission of the Downing Company is the publication of a family of community service websites. These sites are designed to promote the community spirit of small towns across the country by providing an on-line source of local community information created for and by the citizens of each community.

We are also in the process of compiling a list of eBooks that we will be publishing. The communities we serve are rich with history, human interest stories and long lost recipes for some of the most exquisite cuizine on earth! We hope to be able to serve as the publishing platform for the many local authors, story tellers and cooks in our communities.

In support of our community service sites, we also provide web publishing and hosting services for our clients. These services are targeted toward the local businesses to provide them with low cost advertizing and web marketing tools. Communities need local businesses to thrive and hometown businesses need local buyers in order to survive.

We hope you will join us!